Block trade is the transaction to provide liquidity for single stock futures through TFEX put through board.
Investor can place block trade order both "Buy" and "Sell" single stock futures based on quantity and price of underlying stock on spot market.
Interest fee, which is calculated on holding period (daily basis), will be charged on block trade transaction.
Block Trade for Single Stock Futures
Group 1. Block Trade
minimum 20 contract/order (20,000 unit)
Group 2. Block Trade
minimum 100 contract/order(100,000 unit)
Price is reasonable because of reference from Spot market.
Simply and straightforward to understand for placing order that bases on price in Spot market.
Increase trading leverage up to 10-20 times.
Trading fee on Single Stock Futures by Block Trade is less than stock trading.
Acquire benefit as much as holding stock such as dividend and so on.

Block Trade Highlight
Why Trading Block Trade with DBSV
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Investor who interested in simulating block trade price, DBSV also facilitate investor by
Block Trade Calculator as show below
Provide enough requested liquidity of block trade transaction to all our investor.
Selection optimized benefit to investor base on your trading preference such minimum interest fee, ratio of dividend payment etc.
We have professional and coaching team to support your derivatives trading and educate wide range of knowledge for trading

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